Get your timber smoothened and ready to use as you purchase them from our shop, only at a small price. We also offer free services like cutting the wood and boards as the customer desires

High quality machines in our workshop

Wooden beams in our workshop which we use to curve and design most of our products. We have timber readily availlable both soft and hardwood. The timber is availlable in all sizes e.g 6x1, 4x1, 3x2, 2x2 etc.

This is a color mixer in our workshop to ensure our customers have a wide variety of colors to choose from. Pick any color of your choice we mix it for you.

This is one of our models for the gypsum ceilings, contact us for more designs at discounted prices.

Machines are here to make work easier and to ensure we offer required services.

If what you need in your home is a modern wooden floor from some of the best wood species we've got you covered. Here we have wooden panels which you use in designing and developing your floors to perfection.

Various colours from different wood species to choose from for your wooden floor.

Wooden poles for fencing and use in construction sites are availlable, from trees such as bluegum, cypress with their sizes starting from 7 to 10 feet.

Door frames are availlable as you purchase your doors.

Finished school lockers, only awaiting to be screwed to their stands.

Metallic stands for school desks are in ample supply to ensure we cater for your orders.

School desk and chair designed and developed in our workshop, contact us to make your orders.

Our craftsman doing final touches on some of the interior doors.

A fully finished 3 panel door that is locally made in our workshop.

Timber is in high stock, from various wood species like the mahogany cypress, pine, cedar etc.

Make your orders we'll deliver to your door step only at a small fee

Sawdust is availlable to use either with livestock or as cooking fuel,sales are made per suck

Our craftsmen making final touches on some of the school lockers and the panel doors.

After making your purchase of timber or any of our boards, you can have them cut into required pieces to ease your work.

New model machines which are way better in precision and help to ensure minimal waste saving on your timber.